Re: NetworkManagerInfo/nm-applet development question

On Mon, 2005-08-08 at 09:45 -0700, Eric Wenger wrote:
> Don't get me wrong...the key indexes are silly and
> insecure (they simply obfuscate the passphrase which
> doesn't make WEP any more secure).  The problem is
> that NM cannot connect to a Linksys router unless you
> are using the first key index.  I had mine set to key
> index 3 and NM won't connect even if the ifcfg-eth1
> and keys-eth1 are setup properly since NM generates
> it's own WEP key from the passphrase.  It doesn't grab
> the information (defaultkey, key1,key2, etc.) from
> your keys-ethX files.

The keygen routines for these routes may "salt" the key with the index
number before writing out the hex?  I'm not sure, but we may want to
allow this in NM...


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