Separate entries for adhoc and managed networks?

Having trouble connecting at one customer's site.  It seems there is a
machine here that is setup with the correct SSID but is in ad-hoc mode
rather than managed.  The IT cops can't find it either.  My machine is
trying to connect to that network instead of the expected managed network.

I booted over to Windows (shudder...) and had the same problem.  I
configured the interface to only connect to infrastructure networks and it
connected fine.  I also adjusted the prefered networks to have the
infrasturcture network appear higher than the ad-hoc one.  Rebooted over
to FC4 and was then able to connect to the WLAN!!!

My first question is specific to the ipw2200 driver.  Is there a module
parameter that tells it to ignore ad-hoc networks?

My other is with NM.  I noticed in Windows that the ad-hoc network
appeared as a separate entry in the list of available networks; there was
another wit the same name (different icon) for the managed network. 
Should NM do something similar?  It bothers me that someone else has
inadvertantly managed to keep me from connecting easily.

Paul Dugas, Computer Engineer           Dugas Enterprises, LLC
paul dugas cc     phone: 404-932-1355   522 Black Canyon Park     fax: 866-751-6494   Canton, GA 30114 USA

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