Re: [NetworkManager] Bluetooth support

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your answer. The autoip.c file is visible
in the CVS repository only, It is not available in
the tarball.

Is there any application to test the automatic ip
assignment? Is it working?


On 4/28/05, Tom Parker <palfrey tevp net> wrote:
> Claudio Takahasi wrote:
> > Dynamic Configuration of IPv4 Link-Local Address.
> >
> If you're going to look at that for Bluetooth, the obvious starting
> point would be the existing implementation of it in NetworkManager. See
> src/autoip.c for more details.
> Tom Parker

Claudio Takahasi
INdT - Nokia Technology Institute
Phone: +55 81 21223034
Recife - Pernambuco - Brazil

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