Re: [NetworkManager] Bluetooth support

Hi Paul,

Sorry for such a late answer.

Currently, an user mode application or a DBUS application doesn't
have access to BlueZ daemons/applications. There is not library
to allow control connections.

Before I try including bluetooth DBUS service, I am
trying enhance BlueZ, adding a library to control the bluetooth
connections including dynamic configuration of IP. This 
proposal will be based on IETF draft:
Dynamic Configuration of IPv4 Link-Local Address.

If my proposal is interesting for this community I will appreciate


On 4/19/05, Paul Ionescu <i_p_a_u_l yahoo com> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue, 19 Apr 2005 16:36:01 -0300, Claudio Takahasi wrote:
> > Hi folks,
> >
> > I am writing to know if I can contribute with NetworkManager. My interest
> > is develop/enhance
> > the bluetooth PAN support.
> >
> > Everybody knows that setup a bluetooth PAN, assign IP address and control
> > the device role
> > are hard tasks. BlueZ (Bluetooth linux stack) provides tools to enable
> > setup Bluetooth PANs. However, It is not transparent enough and an user
> > mode application
> > is not able to control Bluetooth connections.
> >
> > Therefore, my objetive is remove this gap, enabling and controlling
> > seamless connections.
> >
> > Is this topic useful for this group?
> >
> > Claudio Takahasi.
> Hello Claudio,
> I want support for bluetooth in NM too.
> Bluetooth is in NM spec, so I think it is useful for this list.
> Right now I am using bluetooth with PAN in a manual way and works fine,
> but I would love to have it in NM.
> I can help with testing as I already have a PAN at home.
> It should be even more simple than wireless, as it does not have the
> complexity and multiple authentication types as wireless.
> Even more, the mess in wireless is because of different drivers with
> different behaviors, but in bluetooth, all drivers are from BlueZ stack.
> Thx,
> Paul
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