Re: Problems with ipw2100 and shared key authentication

On Thu, 2004-10-28 at 12:55 +0200, Ziga Mahkovec wrote: 
> Also, the NetworkManagerInfo applet does not get started, even if I log
> out and back in again.  If I start it manually, it shows two wireless
> networks -- a neighbor's and mine, the latter shown with an ESSID of
> "<hidden>".  By selecting "<hidden>" I get a gconf error because of the
> invalid characters.  Choosing a custom network by specifying my actual
> ESSID gives me an error (sth. like "not in range").

Here's the followup: I upgraded to the latest NM from CVS.  The gconf
error is no longer shown.  However, NM is now asking for a WEP
passphrase for network "%s".  I think the "<hidden>" AP should simply be

Alternatively (and if possible), NM could fetch the list of trusted
ESSIDs and then run several network scans, each time configuring the
device with a different ESSID.  At least for ipw2100, the ESSIDs of non-
broadcasting APs are properly shown in this case.

For now, I'll leave SSID broadcasting enabled.  It's not that big of a
security improvement anyway;  I'm trying to configure WPA instead.


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