Re: NetworkManager and Epiphany


Take a look at the "NetworkManager DBUS API.txt" document in 
NetworkManager CVS...*checkout*/NetworkManager/docs/NetworkManager%20DBUS%20API.txt?rev=1.4

You'll probably want to use "getActiveDevice" when you start up, and then 
monitor the "DeviceNowActive" and "DeviceNoLongerActive" signals.  When 
there is no "active" device, there is no connection to the 


On Sat, 27 Nov 2004, [iso-8859-1] Jean-François RAMEAU wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm currently working on a DBUS component for Epiphany, a web browser ( ) and I would like to use facilties NetworkManager provides so we can improve user experience.
> But I'm not sure about what signals/methods I need so the browser can say something basic like: network is down, network is up.
> Looking at the NetworkManager 's doc, I think that listening to DevicesChanged and getting status from status method call is enough to check network availibility.
> Is this correct ?
> (Sorry for my bad English)
> jean-françois
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