Network Manager and IPW2100

Hey Folks ..

  Updated my IPW2100 drivers to the latest version, 0.61.  This seems
to have caused havoc with NetworkManager.  It keeps telling me it
can't find my WAP.

In version 0.57, this change was made:
  * Changed interpretation of WX flags for setting encryption such
that if an authentication mode isn't specified, it defaults to OPEN
(previously, if OPEN wasn't specified, it assumed RESTRICTED was

Due to this change, I now need to set my WEP key like this in Redhat (FC3):


Previously, I could just put the key in there, but now I must put the
restricted word in.

It seems like this changed has totally screwed up NetworkManager.

My questions are these:

  a) If we force restricted, will that screw other people up?
  b) Is there a way we can add a try restricted if cannot find AP?
  c) Is there a way I can set this now?
  d) lastly, if I wanted to hack this in for now, where the heck would
I do it?  Having all sorts of trouble finding the right place since I
don't know the code all that well.


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