Re: VPN architecture

On Wed, 2004-11-10 at 14:42 +0100, j bootlab org wrote:
> dhclient is not the only dhcp client, and some are licensed under the
> GPL, so possibly one of them could be used as a basis for integration.
> udhcpc -
> pump   - could not find the upstream url

Cool.  I've been looking at dhclient, and its quite complicated.
There's a lot of stuff there that simply doesn't need to be there for a
simple DHCP library.  dhclient wraps all things like network interfaces,
servers, etc in OMAPI objects which you can technically control from a
separate program.  This makes for a lot of code and obfuscation that
doesn't need to be there.

So I talked to Jeremy Katz, who's "technically" the maintainer of pump.
He said that pump is known not to work with certain DHCP servers.  I
actually _did_ use pump for NetworkManager before I added it to gnome
CVS, but there were a few issues with it.  However, it might be easier
to fix pump than to start hacking stuff out of dhclient.

I don't know anything about udhcpc, but if its better than dhclient,
then it could be worth a shot :)


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