nm_device_set_frequency fails and connection is reset

looking at the latest version of NetworkManager from cvs i had to 
find out that my orinoco_pci based card does not like the
new code that was added with the ad-hoc feature

for one thing i get error messages in syslog:
NetworkManager: nm_device_set_frequency(): error setting frequency
2437000000.000000 for device eth2.  errno = 16

the other problem is i loose the connection all the time, 
iwconfig will show Access Point: 44:44:44:44:44:44
for a short time and than get the connection again.

in the code that is:

nm_device_set_mode (dev, orig_mode);
nm_device_set_frequency (dev, orig_freq);
nm_device_set_bitrate (dev, orig_rate);

commenting that out the connection is ok again.


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