NetworkManager on Debian

I am experiencing difficulties with NetworkManager on a completely
up-to-date Debian unstable, using the debs from

I am running kernel version 2.6.9, HAL 0.4.2, DBus "0.22
+cvs.1098185846" (as mentioned earlier, it's the version from Thom's
debs). I have an Intel EtherExpres 1000 (I think; it uses the e1000
driver, and it's eth0) and an Atheros 5211 wireless card (madwifi
driver, CVS from 12/05/2004, it's ath0). Both are PCI devices. When I
start NetworkManager, it does seem to work for my wired interface, but
not my wireless one; i.e. it configures the wired, but not the wireless,
and doesn't switch to the wireless if I unplug the wired.. Furthermore,
NetworkManager  begins
spewing GLib errors about assertions failed:
(all of these functions are in NetworkManagerAPList.c):
nm_ap_list_copy_propertiess (line 431): assertion dest != NULL failed
nm_ap_list_iter_new (line 587): assertion list != NULL failed
nm_ap_list_unref (line 101): assertion list != NULL failed.

immediately after start.

Finally, despite having NetworkManagerInfo and
NetworkManagerNotification running, I do not get a NetworkManager
notification-area icon. I get the behavior described in with regard ot the notification-area icon.

Unlike the above situation, however, /sys/class/net/ath0/
and /sys/class/net/eth0/ are completely populated, including the
'device' links. And both devices show up fine in hal-device-manager.

I would appreciate assistance in getting this working.
Thank you.

Adam Glasgall
teferi wmute net        adam simons-rock edu    aglasgall gmail com
"What is it to exist? To exist is to be a value of a bound variable"
-- W. van Orsted Quine

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