Re: ethereal experiment


This looks great.  Is there any way you could send the packet dumps to
me personally? (I don't think the list would like them :)  I'd like to
see the differences.  Either that, or I can get ethereal set up here and
see what comes out.

Also note that the DHCP client can request different options of the
server, we ask for 14 particular options and dhclient might ask for
more/less (pump asks for fewer options for example).  That might account
for some of the different, but I'd like to see what differences there
are in the DHCP header area...


On Sun, 2004-12-12 at 10:24 -0500, Bill Moss wrote:
> The built-in DHCP client in cvs20041208 works on my campus network with 
> Cisco AP's and routers but does not work at home with my SMC Barricade 
> 7004 AWBR. I used ethereal on another home machine to capture the 
> packets broadcast when my laptop uses the FC3 utility dhclient and when 
> it uses NM. Since the Barricade is a switch, all I can capture is what 
> is broadcast by the laptop but it appears that in the case of NM, the 
> Barricade does not make any response.
> dhclient and NM both start with identical
> Multicast Listener Report Message
> Neighbor Solicitation
> Router Solicitation
> But then the DHCP Requests are different.
> dhclient makes a 342 byte request while NM makes a 323 byte request. 
> Both requests begin with the same SRC and DST but then they begin to differ.

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