Re: support other programming languages?

Hi Dodji,
first, many thanks for your Good Work !

I just started a new job and tried to install kDevelop on Ubuntu 9 -
but it would fail in the "create project" step. It seems that some
major recompilation and lib install orgies could fix that, but I
didn't do that.
Instead I installed nemiver from the Ubuntu installer system and it
worked perfectly out of the box ! That's how I want it to be.

Regarding the support of other programming languages, maybe some
readers of this list might be interested in Sappeur:

It is a safe (like Java) and efficient (like C++) language. I promise
not to sue you if you create your own version of Sappeur, like Mr
Larry of Oracle. I couldn't, either, because there are no patents on

Keep doing the good work !

Kind regards


2010/8/17, Dodji Seketeli <dodji seketeli org>:
> Hello Lainme,
> lainme <lainme993 gmail com> a écrit:
>> Though nemiver claims to be a C/C++ debuger,  I found it can debug some
>> other programming languages as well, such as fortran90.
> If the compiler used produces good enough debug information for a given
> language and if GDB knows how to handle it then Nemiver should be able
> to support that language modulo some specific work here and there.
>>  But fortran77 is not that lucky, the source file and variables can't
>> be displayed.  Maybe fotran77 is too old and has many differences with
>> other languages.
> Or rather the tripplet compiler/GDB/Nemiver are not properly tailored
> for the task :-)
>> I  wonder if nemiver plans to support other languages in the future?
> As one of the maintainers, I would say that I am open to support other
> languages in the future. The only limiting factor I see for now is the
> man power. We are not that many people hacking on Nemiver so we need to
> use our resources efficiently.
> That being said, I welcome ideas about things that users need -- even if
> we cannot work on those immediately.
> Thanks.
> --
> 	Dodji
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