Re: Moving Nautilus mailing list to Discourse

Hey J.B Nicholson, it's basically spam and for people that are not subscribed to send emails, since the account system is quite bad. Nautilus developers are also not engaged here, since we find it quite terrible for discussion... that is also a detriment for the (quite small for sure) ecosystem of Nautilus. Hopefully new users supporting other users will appear with Discourse, since it's better suited for our times.

Hi Narcis, you will be able to use mail still! Discourse has a mail mode, and they keep improving it regularly. I'm not sure you can do what you suggest about mailman, and I guess eventually what we want is to reduce the usage of the service, not just adding a new one.

Hello Andrea Vai, yes you will be able to receive notifications, and also in mail form! Discourse has a Nautilus tag and you can "watch" it.

Let me know if you have more questions or thoughts.

On Tue, 26 Mar 2019 at 19:13, Narcis Garcia <informatica actiu net> wrote:
Can Discource link its mailing to Mailman list?

El 26/3/19 a les 9:34, Frederic Crozat ha escrit:
> Le mar. 26 mars 2019 à 09:20, Andrea Vai <andrea vai unipv it> a écrit :
>> Il giorno mar, 26/03/2019 alle 08.38 +0100, Narcis Garcia ha scritto:
>>> Sad to read this, because mail systems allows me to have a single
>>> place
>>> where to process diverse projects discussion.
>>> Can I help in this terrible admin task?
>>> El 25/3/19 a les 22:49, Carlos Soriano ha escrit:
>>>> Hello all,
>>>> This list has been in a bit of maintenance mode for a bit,
>>> partially
>>>> because mailing list are quite terrible to admin, and its admin
>>> it's not
>>>> good at it (me :)).
>>>> So from today on, we will try to use GNOME Discourse
>>>> <> in the Applications
>>> category
>>>> with the nautilus tag. You can follow topics with that tag to know
>>> more
>>>> about Nautilus whereabouts and create new topics for more informal
>>>> discussion.[...]
>> Does this mean that I will no more able to automatically receive all
>> discussions about Nautilus on my email address? :-(
> Discourse has a mailing list mode (check preferences / Email after
> being logged), you should be able to continue using email clients if
> you prefer that.
nautilus-list mailing list
nautilus-list gnome org

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