Re: Moving Nautilus mailing list to Discourse

Il giorno mar, 26/03/2019 alle 08.38 +0100, Narcis Garcia ha scritto:
Sad to read this, because mail systems allows me to have a single
where to process diverse projects discussion.

Can I help in this terrible admin task?

El 25/3/19 a les 22:49, Carlos Soriano ha escrit:
Hello all,

This list has been in a bit of maintenance mode for a bit,
because mailing list are quite terrible to admin, and its admin
it's not
good at it (me :)).

So from today on, we will try to use GNOME Discourse
<> in the Applications
with the nautilus tag. You can follow topics with that tag to know
about Nautilus whereabouts and create new topics for more informal

Does this mean that I will no more able to automatically receive all
discussions about Nautilus on my email address? :-(


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