Re: Please add the select/mark mechanism to GNOME Files for non consecutive/non successive selection of files to easily operate on them

Visual switch for touchscreen interfaces.

AND: Holding finger > 2 seconds for context menu.

El 29/1/19 a les 10:49, Farhad Mohammadi Majd via nautilus-list ha escrit:
On Mon, 2019-01-28 at 12:03 +0100, Jan Tojnar wrote:
Nautilus does have this feature: When you hold Control key pressed and 
click a file/directory it will be added to a selection. If you hold 
Control and Shift and then click a directory item, the whole range of 
items between the last clicked will be added too.

You can even use a keyboard to do this: Control with arrow keys allows 
you to preselect an item and Space will add or remove it from the 
selection. Unfortunately Control–Shift–Space does not add to the 
selection like you might expect, but instead creates a new selection.

This usage pattern is based on IBM’s Common User Access standard and 
you can find similar behaviour in other GNOME, KDE or even Windows apps.

Alternatively, you can use Control–S to select multiple files using a 
pattern. This is Nautilus specific, though.

They works! thanks, but they are actually *hidden feature*, it is more than 10
year that I have a PC and using GNU/Linux over 5 year with a lot of experience
but didn't know about this, so let alone new and amateur users!!

This keyboard shortcuts also are not easy on tablet or smart-phone, so there is
need to a graphical, easy and most important *visible* way to provide such

GNOME Software and GNOME Videos alongside other Apps provides a visible button
with a check mark icon (✓) on HeaderBar that provides selection function, this
is the correct approach and I strongly believe GNOME Files should provide it
like other Apps.

On Mon, 2019-01-28 at 12:03 +0100, Carlo Lobrano wrote:
Hello Farhad,
you can copy random files/folders keeping the CTRL button pressed while
clicking with the mouse. Is that the function you were looking for, or did I

I'm not sure it can be called "random", because actually it's not random, you
are seeing the items and select them consciously.

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