Please add the select/mark mechanism to GNOME Files for non consecutive/non successive selection of files to easily operate on them

Hello, many times there is need to select files/folders (items) in non
consecutive/non successive order to can easily
copy/delete/move/open/rename/etc them.

I saw this feature in GNOME Software, GNOME Videos and other Apps.

Currently I use the text-based file manager "ranger" for this purpose
because there is no another choice, but I don't like it duo to many

I even see this feature on my Symbian mobile phone from 2010! but
unfortunately non of the graphical file managers in Linux don't have
such feature! :(

Adding it to GNOME Files is easy because this mechanism is available in
many other GNOME applications.

It is an interesting and *necessary* feature and providing it can
attract many users of other file managers that don't have it and can't
easily add it!

Please add it, thank you.

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