Re: By default hide ZFS drives RAID in Nautilus left column.


Nautilus doesn't have much influence on what mounts are shown. It is based on GVolumeMonitor output resp. GVfsUDisks2VolumeMonitor output in this case...

But I wonder that ZFS mounts are shown in Nautilus, because they should be marked as system_internal and ignored. Can you please provide your "gio mount -li" and "mount" outputs and "/etc/fstab" content, so I can better understand your configuration and why those mounts are not ignored as it should be...



2018-06-03 11:31 GMT+02:00 Just Dust <info justdust es>:
HI, I'm using a LUKS + ZFS RAID Z2 config, and with nautilus in Ubuntu 18.04, the zfs drives are shown in the left column by default (they where LUKS drives decripted and then they are ZFS DRIVES), i had to hide them from DRIVES app, manually to not be shown in nautilus that by the way was hard to find anywhere in internet how to, but i did.


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