To be able to paste in to actual directory using the top Breadcrumb

To be able to paste in to a directory using the top Breadcrumb.
In some version of Nautilus (at least till ubuntu 16.04) the possibility to Right Click, on the top Breadcrumb actual directory, and PASTE was removed.

Why is so important? Now to paste something in a directory, I have to exit the directory, and right button over the directory name in filelist, and paste.

And you can say, you can paste inside the directory clicking in a empty space...

Well if you have more than 20-30 files, there is no empty space to click on, so the only solution i found is to exit directory and right click.

In the past (nautilus of ubuntu 16.04) just right click in the top breadcrumb actual directory paste, worked perfect, now is hell.



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