Re: 3.22 Context Menu to Compress w/ File Roller like 3.16

With Nautilus 3.22 I've found usability loss too, because adding
context-menu actions is not so easy as before (through MIME).

Before this version, only by installing .desktop launchers that
associate MIME types, user had more direct actions in context submenu
"Open with...".
Some of my projects like Matromu, xhash, Ribildor and Refafit are
affected by this usability issue.

In a package installation, how it's supposed be added context menu
actions at same level as "Compress" or "Extract here" ?

El 15/02/18 a les 02:46, mark via nautilus-list ha escrit:

Back in Gnome 3.16 (Debian Jessie), right-click Compress would use File Roller. I liked this because it was 
easy to add a password to a ZIP file.

Gnome 3.22 (Debian Stretch), you are using something else which lost this functionality.

I know I can use Nautilus-Actions to work around this, but it's not as clean as re-pointing the existing 
Compress menu. 

I have searched and not found a a way to hack this.

Any advice?


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