Possible Nautilus Feature


I wanted to make a user functionality suggestion. My suggestion is that when the user clicks on the menu button in the right corner of Nautilus the ensuing menu that appears contains Sort with options such as Name, Size, Type, etc. There is a 3 dot menu on the right of this menu button that contains New Folder, New tab etc. It would beĀ  nice if when the user clicked on either of the buttons the menus would pop open if the mouse hovers over them. For example, if I click on the New Folder menu button it opens, now with it open I mouse over to the other menu and it switches to that menu because that is where the mouse focus is. Sorry if my description is unclear. The behavior I'm trying to describe is present in the top bar or panel of Fedora. You click once to open a menu and then you can scroll over other menu buttons to the left and they just open without the user having to click to open them because they already clicked once. Why make them click every time they want to navigate to another menu when the process can he automated. Anyways, that's my two cents. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

Jake Newkirk

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