Adding shortcuts support to Nautilus


I'm a computer science student. I use gnome 3.16 and I like it, but I noticied that Nautilus doesn't support custom shortcuts.
I don't know why you made this decision, but I think a file manager needs shortcuts setting to improve productivity and efficiency during the work. I really miss a shortcut to open the terminal in the current directory and a window to add new custom shortcuts. So I decided to change its source code and I submitted a pull request:

I read the rules to contribute to the gnome project, but this is not a bugfix so I don't know if its correct to use  bugzilla to report this "issue".
I've the following questions:
1) is good submit pull requests on github? or I must use bugzilla?
2) Why nobody cares about shortcuts? Do you think to include them in the near future?

I know my piece of code could be bad, but I just would like to get a minimal shortcuts support in nautilus.

Thank you,

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