Easy way to add new right-click context menue entries to Nautilus

I need sometimes an easy way to add permanent new context menu entries to Nautilus.

So if I e.g. right-click on a file in the right view pane I want to have there an entry "Add with gedit".
Or (other example) I need a right click menu entry "Extract into folder ...." for *.7z archives.

From what I have read so far this is occasionally possible with the 3rd party addons like nautilus-actions
or cmdline parameters or ...

However this does not work on certain platforms like Solaris 11 and is somehow cumbersome.

What I urgently need is a global way to add new context menu entries preferable as cmdline like

nautilus -addmenu <menu text> <menu command> <filter>


nautilus -addmenu "Edit with gedit" "gedit %1" FILES


nautilus -addmenu "Extract into folder ..." "p7zip -e %1"  "*.7z *.zip *.rar *.tar *.bzip *.gz"

This scenarios and their missing menus are a general problem of Nautilus (especially in Solaris).

Whenever I setup a new Linux/Unix/Solaris system I have to fiddle around to get the operation working.
I want to be able to copy just a script file with all my customized menus and run it once to setup.
That would be great!

Maybe this is already somehow possible or can be implemented in the next release?


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