Re: How to update patches for higher version?


On 4 March 2015 at 11:09, Leena Chourey <leenagour gmail com> wrote:

We have customized Gnome nautilus-2.3.0 and generated patch, but now on
ubuntu12.04 GNOME nautilus version is updated to 3.4.2.  We are unable to
install the same patch as many dependencies for new version.

Can anybody help by saying how to update the patches from nautilus-2.3.0 to

Are you sure that you have patched Nautilus 2.3.0? 2.3.0 was released
12 years ago, and it was an experimental/unstable release towards
GNOME 2.4.0.

If you really have a patch against Nautilus 2.3.0 then it's *highly*
unlikely you'll be able to port it against Nautilus 3.4 (which is
still an old release of Nautilus, but "only" 3 years old) without a
massive rewrite.


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