NFS support

Since gvfs 1.23.90, gvfs has gained the ability to mount NFS shares
using libnfs.  This means that mounting an NFS export does not require
root.  Authentication is based on the user ID of the user that mounts
the share.

To use this feature, simply mount a URL like

If you're interested in the development background:

If you want to try out the feature, a recent version of libnfs is
required, 1.9.7.

Since this is a userspace nfs client, it comes with the caveat that the
mount needs to be exported with "insecure" on Linux (or some equivalent
for other NFS servers) so that it allows connections from port numbers
higher than 1023.  Alternatively, a special capability can be given to
the binary:
sudo setcap 'cap_net_bind_service=+ep' /usr/libexec/gvfsd-nfs

Ross Lagerwall

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