nautilus search criteria

As nautilus user, i have noticed that only one search criterion exists on file search : file type (or mime type).

In order to expand search possibilities, i have developed four more search criteria : modification date, size in the following units (bytes, kilo-bytes, mega-bytes and giga-bytes), owner and permissions.

I would know if gnome team is interested in incorporate and test this development in the next nautilus version.

Furthermore, i would like to ask you if these functionalities are about to be developed in the current version.

Here is my work in nautilus-fml archive, i have worked from a 3.14.2 nautilus source archive.

Finally, i have to say that this work isn't completely finished concerning UI accuracy and coding style.

Moenne-loccoz Frédéric
gnome contributor

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Objet du mail : nautilus search criteria
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