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2013/8/30 Sim Tov <smntov gmail com>

Hi. I'm not experienced with this stuff, but I can give you some pointers which will hopefully be helpful.

1. how can I disable icons presenting content (like icon of an image
file showing that image in small format in the file manager) system
wide. Users should not be able to enable it back.

I guess you want to set the dconf key "org.gnome.nautilus.preferences show-image-thumbnails" to "never" and lock it down. The information on this page may be useful:

2. I have made files in some folder unreadable. When I copy an image
file there (that normaly presents its content with its icon) its icon,
as expected, stops showing the image. the same happens to videos.
however mp3 that have an embedded image are shown with icons
displaying this image. the mp3's themselves are not playable... how
can I disable images in the mp3 files icons?

Not sure if relevant, but the keys under the schema "org.gnome.desktop.thumbnailers" control external thumbnailers per MIME type.

Thank you.
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