Re: Mapping delete key to "move to trash"

On 04.03.2012 21:34, Andre Klapper wrote:
> On Thu, 2012-03-01 at 09:55 +0100, Marco wrote:
>> I  see, the  key  binding is  Ctrl+Delete for  “Move  to Trash”  and
>> Shift+Delete for “Delete”. However I'm  used to use Delete for “Move
>> to Trash” as it works in all other programs (and used to work before
>> I updated my  system). How can I  map “Move to Trash”  to the Delete
>> key?
> You cannot easily, except for changing the code and recompiling it
> yourself, or byt waiting for GNOME 3.4.0 which will likely use the
> Delete button again for this.
> andre

Btw, I think, even with an undo-Stack, the CTRL-Del is a much better
user-experience where I feel more secure and confident about touching my
keyboard. I really love it. I'm not sarcastic.

The possibility how to change accels could be more prominent. Otherwise
GNOME becomes a real nerd-platform:
 * see how costumization is done in the Archlinux Wiki [1]
 * recompiling for GUI options? Really?
 * pressing ALT key in random situations to discover more options
 * long press left mouse button to discover more options (as
   discussed in the new colorchooser)

However, if the day comes where I can discover options only when I touch
my nose with the tip of my tongue (cheese could detect that), I shall
shut up. Everything else (the four items above) is a torture for users
and therefore a design failure.

The last paragraph may contain sarcasm.

Still love your work,



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