Re: Nautilus status bar - Menu - Tree view - Hour in date

Other complements on my observations :

First sorry, "Research" button is still here. But now Nautilus is completely unusable, all the features I needed are gone.

I already spoke about tree view. I add the menu which disappeared, all is now on the right icon, breaking the user experience in comparison to all other programs. I'm used to go to the left top of the screen - at the Global menu - to have the different functions, no more here.

I also discovered another necessary missing detail : dev' removed the hour in the date, both in the list view and in the window which opens when I copy file and in case of 2 documents have the same name !!!

Now if the 2 documents have been saved on the same day but not the same hour, I do not know which is the more recent, which I should keep or replace.

I do lots of copy between computers (with USB), folders, I don't use the cloud and synchronization for everywhere, just for backups, now I'm not able anymore to do simple file copies... It's perhaps not the "good" way to use computer, but it's mine.

Please is there a possibility, on the config files or so (dconf), to add back the hour (hh:mm) in date or is it gone definitively, too ?

Sorry, I think I'll have to adapt myself to a new program, Nautilus is no more what I call a "file manager", too bad. It's insane, the more program evolves, the less it does, we are no more able to configure it exactly as we want !

I stop complaining here, as I do not participate in Nautilus or Gnome (I do it in Ubuntu with bug reporting, translations....), it was just my 2 cents.

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On 30/07/2012 17:34, Xavier Guillot wrote:

In addition to messages regarding Extra Pane Mode, I also have lots of regrets with disparition of status bar in Nautilus.

For me it was absolutely necessary and useful to know in just 1 second number of elements in a folder and free space available, without having to do "Properties" on context menu.

I just upgraded to Ubuntu Quantal alpha 3, so I have the new Nautilus. I won't comment the graphical aspect as it will evolve, but there are a LOT of functions / features which were perfectly needed and are removed - not hidden, just suppressed : status bar (incomprehensible), tree view (I ised it a lot), extra pane mode, some icons (search, location...).

Woaaah... :( I understand the aim of developers to have clean code, easy-to-use program, but here it is no more a full file manager, it's a pity.

OK, way to use computer is different, with Zeitgeist for example in many cases a file manager is no more essential, but in many others it's useful, and I'm accustomed to it.

So as alternative there is Marlin, but it has not all the functions and nice look Nautilus had until last version. Also Krusader from KDE is excellent, and combines both file manager, files / folder comparison or synchronization (like Meld), or file renaming (like Metamorphose), but I'll regret the former Nautilus, even if I'm only a user who doesn't know what is good for him !

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