Re: more thoughts on compact view

Hi Adam,

On Wed, 2012-07-18 at 15:05 -0004, Adam Dingle wrote:
> 2. As an experiment, I've turned off compact view on all my machines
> for the last couple of weeks; I've been using the list view by default
> instead.  I've done this since I want to see whether I can get used to
> list view as a replacement for compact view.  Unfortunately so far I
> still miss the compact view every day.  Most directories I visit have
> more than one screenful of files (in the list view) and I'm finding
> the extra scrolling to be a significant burden.  I'll continue the

It may be useful to describe the reason(s) for visiting these somewhat
large directories. Are you looking for a particular file where you know
the full name already? I'd use type-ahead in that case. Or are you
looking for a file whose name you don't know or recall and due to this
you have to visually scan the whole directory?

There may be many other use cases, of course. In my experience it helps
to talk about one or multiple very specific case(s). Maybe also describe
the file types in that directory, e.g., source code, documents, or


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