Re: Fwd: Safely remove option shows with Micro SD Card connected to Linux through an Android phone

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 2:07 AM, Alan Stern <stern rowland harvard edu> wrote:
> STOP UNIT means spin down the disk or eject the disc.  Since your phone
> doesn't have a disk drive or an optical disc, no wonder this step
> failed.

Yes of course it does not have a optical disc or disk drive. But I
thought if there is no such thing nautilus should not try to spin
down. Linux kernel has nothing to do with this problem though.

> No, neither option cuts power.  The main difference is that "safely
> remove" disables the USB connection, so that if the device has an "okay
> to unplug now" light, the light will turn on.

I have seen lights going off in my pen drive, so naturally as an user
I assumed that nautilus request the kernel to cut down the power and
kernel did that. After choosing "Safely Remove" option my device node
(/dev/sdb or whatever) still exists?

> You probably should get in touch with the people who maintain the
> Nautilus program if you want to know why it does something.

Yeah sure. Nautilus people are in this list. I will communicate with them.

Thanks and Regards,

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