Problem connecting to an Airport Extreme

I am having a problem connecting to an afp: share on an Airport Extreme using Nautilus.

I browse the Network, connect to the share and login using userid and password.

I can see the files on the share, read them and delete them.

However I cannot copy a file to the share. The copy results in an error - kFPMiscErr - which I think is indicating a problem with authentication: authentication has already been made. The copied file is created but it has 0 bytes.

There is also a second problem in that Nautilus doesn't update the display when new files are added to the shared folder.

The Nautilus version is 3.4.2 running on Ubuntu 12.04.
The Airport Extreme version is 7.6.1.

Can anyone help with this problem as it prevent the Airport Extreme Disk facility being used as a shared networ drive across my Apple and Linux computers ?.

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