Re: Bug 645353 - [regression] Unable to drag and drop files to bookmarks : question

On Sun, 2012-04-22 at 09:19 +0200, cellstorm brainity com wrote:
> hi
> hope you can help me, trying out the attached patch, I get
> nautilus-places-sidebar.c: In function ‘add_dummy’:
> nautilus-places-sidebar.c:1175:34: error: ‘NautilusPlacesSidebar’ has no member
> named ‘filter_model’
> any clues?

I would say that's because of this commit [1], where the filter_model
private field of NautilusPlacesSidebar was removed, since it was not
needed. Actually, I think all the code in the patch fiddling with the
GtkTreeModelFilter could be removed.



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