Re: where is the "use compact layout" feature?

On Mon, 2011-10-03 at 12:27 -0300, Lucas Deters wrote:
> Let me reformulate my question: there is some plan to re-implement the
> "tighter layout" option in nautilus? 

Hi Lucas,

this option was removed from Nautilus 3.0 to reduce the number of very
similar ways in which icons can be arranged in an icon view;
note that Nautilus already has the Compact View, which is pretty similar
in functionality to the tighter layout option.

There are quite some bugs in Nautilus bugzilla with useful proposals on
a better algorithm for distributing padding and empty space around icons
in Icon View, and I think that's also something worth exploring in order
to have a better experience for everyone (i.e. not hidden behind a
"unbreak my icon view" obscure preference), but unfortunately there
haven't been enough manpower available to implement those proposals yet.


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