Progress on nautilus-python bindings for Nautilus 3.0 (gobject introspection)

I finally made some progress getting the nautilus-python bindings updated to work with gobject introspection and without pygtk.  They take advantage of the fact that Nautilus publishes its annotations in the gi repository.  That has the great benefit of allowing nautilus-python to finally shed it's defs and overrides files, and to remove its dependency on pygtk.

This new version of nautilus-python will require people to update their extensions, though the effort required to port over should be fairly minimal.  The biggest changes are mostly how you import the Nautilus module and what classes you sub-class your extension class as.  There are also some gobject-introspection-isms and gtk3isms that will require some updates.

There are still a few issues left (mostly with update_file_info_async) and testing has been pretty incomplete, but the "nautilus-3.0" branch is available at  I've updated the examples to work with the new code, so you can see the differences.  Also, the new code currently requires Nautilus >=2.91 (though it is possible it'll work with earlier dev versions that have annotations in the gi repository).


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