Disable Beagle/Tracker detection


is there any chance to disable beagle/tracker autodetection in nautilus?
I.e. so that it does not use beagle/tracker for searches even if it is

Background is that we often get reports from people who search for
something on removable media. If beagle/tracker is installed, searches
will return nothing because the media is not indexed. We want to be able
to use beagle/tracker by explicitly calling their search tools, but
disable the nautilus integration.

In earlier nautilus, this could be configured at compile time with
'--disable-tracker', but newer nautilus seem to use some run-time
autodetection which I found no way of disabling short of editing the
source. I do not want to do that, as it makes maintenance somewhat

We're currently using nautilus 2.30.1 (Ubuntu 10.04).


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