Patches for media mime handling and autorun


I had some issues with nautilus and the autorun functionality some months ago. I think I found the root cause of the issues and provided some patches. I know you are busy, but I hope you have time to accept patches ... or tell me what the problem is ;-)

First issue: In some cases when a media announces a mime type without any registered apps the initial autorun prompt is completely disabled so the user has no option for specifying an app manually, ignoring, or opening the folder. The choice should be available in all cases.

The patch shuffles things around so the combo box with ask/ignore/folder is shown even when no mime apps are found.

Second issue: When a media that happens to contain a AUTORUN.INF for windows autorun is inserted then it is silently ignored without giving the user any option for choosing another action for other content on the media.

The patch clarifies that nautilus-autorun-software only handles unix software and removes the hardcoded (non)handling of win32 autorun.

Please take a look at the patches and give some feedback.


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