Re: patch and questions

Hi Stefano!

On Sat, 22 Jan 2011 10:51:11 +0100, Stefano Teso wrote:

- Considering the better theme-ability of GtkIconView (as exposed by
some themes, e.g., Clearlooks Revamp), I was wondering whether it
would be useful to port nautilus from it's own (eel-based) custom
thing to GtkIconView. The idea would be to subclass GtkIconView to
implement filename editing, etc. Using a GtkListView (for the list
view, as it already is) and a GtkIconView (for the icon/compact views)
would perhaps allow for the same data model to be used in both cases
and simpler code. (Just a guess, I don't really have much experience
with GTK.) Is there any deep technical reason why nautilus doesn't use
the stock GtkIconView widget, or just lack of resources? Am I missing
something obvious?

Having a GtkIconView-based NautilusIconView is indeed a good and worthwhile goal, which would also allow nautilus to drop some thousand lines of quite complex code, which is always nice... I think the most important feature now missing from GtkIconView is manual layouting of items in the canvas [1], which is currently allowed in every Nautilus' icon view (and would still be a requirement for the desktop icons, even if we removed the feature for regular windows). I don't know whether that's desirable for GtkIconView to allow that though, but maybe it'd be possible to use a custom GtkCellArea implementation, which I haven't investigated yet.




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