Re: Request for review of patches to nautilus

Hey Marcus,

marcus husar rose uni-heidelberg de wrote:
> Hello,
> I have attached another patch to a bug filed in GNOME bugzilla found on
>   * Inconsistent naming of new untitled files and folders:
> It would be great if someone could review this patch and/or those  
> patches attached by me before (please see  
> Thanks,
> Marcus

I see that Cosimo has committed a couple of your patches. Thanks for
your work on this. I'm really happy to have these bugs closed; having
them fixed will definitely improve the user experience.

I've updated the UI Roadmap [1] to reflect your contributions. Feel free
to do this yourself in the future. Oh, and it would be cool to have a
homepage [2] for you that we could link to. :)

Thanks again,


IRC: aday on

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