Re: libnautilus-extension: remove the ability to add toolbar items

Hi Cosimo,

> Yeah, of course; Nautilus 2.91.90 switched from using a 'Main Toolbar'
> + 'Location Bar' UI layout to a single per-pane toolbar, in order to
> match the gnome-design mockups for 3.0 [1].
> This kind of fixed layout does not allow us to have the same
> flexibility on the number of toolbar items we can display, which have
> been greatly reduced and now include only the pathbar, the back/forward
> navigation controls, and a button to trigger the search bar. Hence
> extensions are not allowed anymore to display additional toolbar items.

Ah, yes, the Gnome spirit...

> > [ ... ]

> Yes, I think extensions should target specific version of Nautilus:
> - libnautilus-extension does not have any kind of API guarantee
> - with this development cycle we require GTK+ 3.0, and consequently
> GTK+ 2.x extensions are not supported anymore, so extensions should
> at least make a distinction between supporting Nautilus 2.x or 3.x

This make sense.

> [1]
> Thanks,
> Cosimo

Thanks for this detailed answer, Cosimo.


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