Re: Invisible files starting with two dots

Am 11.02.2011 10:53, schrieb Stefano Teso:
On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 10:28 AM, Andreas Heinlein<aheinlein gmx com>  wrote:

today I accidentally created a file starting with two dots, i.e.
"..foobar". I could not see it in Nautilus even when "Show hidden files"
was on. I could see it in the output of "ls -a", however.
What nautilus version/distribution are you using? I am unable to
reproduce here with both 2.30.1 and 2.91.9, using a file named

I cannot reproduce this at home now, using nautilus 2.32.0 on Ubuntu 10.10. I saw this at work with Ubuntu 10.04, which contains 2.30.1. I will check again on monday and file a bug report.


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