Re: Nautilus network browse list problem

Am 09.11.2010 09:02, schrieb Andreas Heinlein:
> Am 08.11.2010 17:07, schrieb Tomas Bzatek:
>> GVfs uses libsmbclient for accessing SMB resources and it's only up to
>> Samba to decide what approach will be used. And since libsmbclient
>> maintains API transparency, there's very little that can be changed from
>> client side (GVfs, Nautilus).
>> By default, Samba uses broadcasts to discover neighbour computers.
>> Unfortunately these broadcasts are usually blocked by firewalls in many
>> linux distributions in their default installations.
>> There are however some ways to configure samba clients - either by
>> changing system smb.conf settings or by placing custom ones in user home
>> directory. Better to consult with Samba folks first.
>> As a debug tool you can try 'smbtree' command, should give you equal
>> results as Nautilus

I have to come back to this again. Short summary of the problem:

Under windows, I can see all machines in the network neighborhood as soon as they are online. In nautilus, it can take up to one hour for them to appear under "Places"->"Network". They are immediately available if using "Connect to server..." and entering the name manually. They are also immediately visible if going to Places->Network->Windows-Network->Our-Domain, i.e. the two lists differ. Also, Computers accessed the first way do not always show all shares; newly created shares also take some time to appear. Again, going the "long" way shows all shares. Refreshing the list via F5 or the refresh button does not help.

I did like Tomas said and compared the output of smbtree and smbclient -L when it happened. In all cases, the output of smbtree/smbclient was complete and was *not equal* to that of nautilus. That's why samba folks said it is not their problem.

Do you have any further hints?


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