Re: media renaming

Am 26.10.2010 23:06, schrieb Levente Torok:
> Hi Guys,
> Whenever I plug a new (pendrive, harddrive) device to my ubuntu, I see
> a strange media names such as E4F1-45DC plugged.
> I use mtools to rename the media as
> sudo umount /dev/sdb1
> sudo mlabel -i /dev/sdb1 ::<new name>
> and remount.
> Can you imagine that you can integrate this functionality into GUI of
> nautilus?
> Thanks,
> Lev

there are two ways to do this with a GUI:
1) Use the Disk Utility (from System->Administration). This seems to be
the proposed way.
2) Use nautilus-actions to have something like "Change drive label" in
the context menu, which then executes mlabel. The difficult part here is
to get this to appear only when right-clicking a drive. The key is to
use the custom URL schemes "computer:///" and "x-nautilus-desktop:///"
(with the side effect that the menu item also appears when
right-clicking other items on the desktop). I am currently preparing
this as a package, since we need this too. If you like, I can mail it
when it's done.


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