As a user, I have some feedback, with the hope that it might be useful.

1) When you press F3 it opens two panes, which is very nice. If there
was a keyboard shortcut to navigate between the two panes, that would
be great.

2) When you hit Ctrl + F, you type keyword and it finds files. It is
of course good. But what is bad, confusing, and dangerous is that it
searches recursively, but yet it does not indicate this. For example,
I searched a directory, I found several files, I was thinking that all
of them reside on the top directory, I cut and pasted them to
somewhere else. There was thousands of files, and later I recognized
that all the files get messed up. This can be very dangerous at times.
So I suggest that Nautilus indicates clearly that it is a recursive
search, and there should be an option for non-recursive search.



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