Re: The Future of Nautilus: Tree Sidebar and Split View

On Mon, 28 Jun 2010 18:19:04 +0100 Allan Day wrote:

> > I'm curious to see those. Even more since Garrett didn't seem to
> > understand what split pane is all about in the first place.
> If you want to discuss the particulars of our proposals, please do so.

My proposal was the split view functionality and interface as you see
it today. At this point, I have no additional modifications to offer
(nor do I see the need for them (the case of split panes)).

> Let's not make this personal.

I was refering to the difficulty to design interfaces for
functionality that seemed to be not completely understood by the
respective designer, according to his own words in the last IRC
discussion. I don't see how that's personal. It's a dilemma unrelated
to the actual person.

> Not true. I described a number of positive consequences of simplicity.

Simplicity is great for every individual user as long as nothing that
he/she actually needs is removed. The problem is that the feature set
that people use is not a homogenous set. The design has to start with a
definition of the target audience. Only after that you can assert what
features your target audience are unlikely to need (and even then,
that's hard enough).


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