Re: The Future of Nautilus

Hi Alex,

> > Garrett recently blogged about reworking parts of Nautilus's interface
> > [1]. These proposals are the result of a lot of work that him, Hylke, me
> > and others have been doing recently.
> Unfortunately this is an epically bad time for me wrt nautilus work. I'm
> gonna be very busy with my work in spice over the summer, and then I go
> on parental leave from middle of september until about february. I won't
> have any significant time for nautilus until then. In fact, I hardly
> have time for even reading Garretts blog, much less thinking deeply
> about it. :/

Thanks for the response - I know you're really busy right now.

> In general I don't mind a simplification like this. For instance, i know
> we have a bunch of users for things like notes, backgrounds, custom
> icons/emblems, etc. But even so these are not core parts of file
> management, so I wouldn't really mind losing them if the benefits are
> good. And a drastically simplified UI *does* look good to me.

I'm glad you like the design. This is great news! :)

I'll respond to each of your substantive comments in separate emails.
These are all important issues that need discussing.

Though I'm sure we'll end up disagreeing on a few areas, let's not
forget the areas where we do agree.

> Oh, and a last note, nautilus *does* have saved searches (i saw on irc
> that you didn't know this). Just do a search and then "File -> Save
> search As...". Its not super visible because its kinda useless without a
> working indexer setup and there has long been performance issues etc
> with tracker and beagle such that most people don't have it enabled.

Yeah, I only found out about this through a bug report. :) I'm sure
we'll be wanting to look at developing the interface for this.

Best wishes,


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