Re: UI Roadmap: Round Two

> In a case similar to "Fix drag and drop in list view" (bug 310819 on the
> UI Roadmap), there's another problem with windows which are full of items.
> It's not possible to right-click on the background of the window
> representing a folder to get a contextual menu for that folder.
> Likewise, it's not possible to start a drag-select operation. The
> problem comes from the fact that all columns are selection targets for
> the item, so a window full of items only allows the user to click on
> visible items in the list.
> This needed to be addressed in GTK+, but seems dead on the vine. If I
> remember correctly, the solution was going to be the ability to tag
> columns in TreeView as unselectable, so events would fall through to the
> container.
> The Nautilus bug for this is 94618 (opened in 2002), the GTK+ bug is 350618.
> New functionality is sexier to work on, but I hope that bringing these
> bugs up during this cycle will renew interest in them.

Thanks again for the tip John. I'll add the item to the proposed list.
We can hopefully target it as we make progress with the rest of the

I agree that it's important to prioritise existing basic functionality
alongside new features.


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