Re: Nautilus Elementary Collaboration

On Mon, 07 Jun 2010 09:53:40 +0100 Allan Day wrote:

>  * Places sidepane: Elementary have created a Places sidepane with
> headings. This is something that Nautilus also wants to do, though we
> have different ideas about how it should be done [4] (our design lacks
> expanders, has different headings and a different section order).

What was the reason again for not having expanders? That's a tree
structure with possibly little vertical space, so I can imagine
expanders to be quite useful for people having lots of devices and/or
bookmarks. I am talking about expanders like in a GtkTreeView, not the
"+/- in the headings" thing as in Elementary. Other than that, I agree
to the design in your [4].

>  * Zoom slider: this is something that Elementary have implemented. I
> don't think this would be right for Nautilus, and I haven't heard many
> arguments to the contrary.

I don't have an oppinion on that, but this slider always seemed to
be the one constant in all redesign-mockups. :-)

>  * View switcher: Elementary have a kind of grouped toggle button for
> this, which could be nice to have in Nautilus, but the implementation
> is a bit problematic. kitkat from the elementary crew has recommended
> that we should steer clear of their implementation. Maybe we could
> work together to do something a bit more solid in the future?

I don't know if that's enough of a generally-useful widgets to even go
into GTK+? Before doing an isle solution for Nautilus, that should be

>  * Undo/Redo functionality: Elementary currently have this working and
> they've pointed us to the latest code [6]. It would be great if we
> could draw on this work.

That patch mostly looks like the work from Amos Brocco in bug 167501
[1]. There's an updated version from A. Walton at that report.

Though I still think general purpose undo/redo stack management should
live in GTK+ (or glib/gio; bug 322194 [2]), I absolutely agree that
having undo/redo functionality would be _highly_ desirable.



> [4]

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