Nautilus converted to GSettings

I managed to steal a day to work on nautilus, spending it on converting
it to GSettings. I've changed all nautilus preferences to use GSettings
and removed eel-enumaration, eel-preferences, eel-gconf-externsions and
the gconf schemas.

I tried to test things, but this is a large, boring change and i might
very well have missed some detail. Please try it out.

There is some things left to do, that I likely won't have time to do:

* When the new gsettings-desktop-schemas module lands, convert our gconf
use for lockdown and desktop backgrounds to this and remove the gconf

* Write a mapping for the old gconf settings to the new settings so they
get migrated, as described in

* Some of the changes in the preference dialog to use GSettings may have
lost the ability to become insensitive if the setting is not writable,
as the g_settings_bind automatic stuff don't work for all our cases. We
should test this and add the necessary support code to make it work

I'm off for vacation again the next three weeks, so I'm unlikely to read
any replies to this after friday afternoon.

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       alexl redhat com            alexander larsson gmail com 
He's a suave alcoholic gangster who hangs with the wrong crowd. She's a 
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