Re: dbus interfaces for nautilus

2009/10/13 Christian Neumair <cneumair gnome org>:
> Dear Peter,
> Am Sonntag, den 11.10.2009, 19:17 +0200 schrieb Peter Goetz:
>> As a start I added one to NautilusApplication and NautilusWindow. It's
>> basically small wrappers for functions like the go_to function. It's
>> far from being complete, but it works and I'm willing to add more.
>> But first I wanted to hear if I'm heading in the right direction, if
>> there are things that I must consider, or things that I should already
>> change. For example I was wondering if I should move all the functions
>> to a separate source/header file instead of adding them to the
>> existing files (had some problems with linking when trying that
>> though).
> Thanks for working on this. As already mentioned in the bug report, I am
> also working on this functionality. In my implementation, the D-Bus
> classes are separate from the rest of the sources, for the sake of
> readability.

Hi Christian,

I was wondering, what the current status of the dbus integration is.
You said that you already had some ideas and also started implementing
those. Not sure what your plans are, but I'd be glad to help if I can.
Or you could mentor me and I'll try to do it. What do you think?


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