Re: The Future of Nautilus: Tree Sidebar and Split View

2010/7/2 Allan Day <allanpday gmail com>:
> The sidebar switcher: we want to replace this, so that it is possible to
> have a places *menu*. The idea is that this menu would be the default -
> so no sidebar by default - but that it could be converted to a sidebar
> using a simple option somewhere. The places *menu* concept is great,
> since it maximises the amount of screen space used for displaying
> content but still enables quick navigation, but it does mean that we
> need to rethink how we toggle the sidebar as well as how many kinds of
> sidebar can be supported.

How would it work if the places sidebar was also a tree view? That is
kind of how the tree view is today, only that the "places" there are
the mounted file systems instead of actually useful entry points to
the system (including external bookmarks etc). Like I wrote earlier, I
use places to start my task, and tree to actually do it.

The places part of it would keep on working just as it does today, as
the tree does not expand until you click on the little plus sign. The
plus sign adds some visual clutter, but it also allows both simple and
somewhat advanced browsing in the same interface, and users that never
need/use tree view don't need to. Perhaps that part could be better
designed to be visible for those who look for it, but discreet and
out-of-the-way for those who don't...

Given a good set of default places + bookmarks, I think that could
work. Whether file system gets to keep a place or not, is for others
to decide. :)

/ K

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